Every project is unique but they all generally follow the workflow below, give or take.

Free initial discussion

I normally meet my clients in a café in East Dulwich (although a phone conversation will work too). We can explore what you want and this will result in a brief which will be the basis of the next stage. To make the most of this meeting, please come prepared with an idea of the market you work in, examples of competitors’ websites, any deadlines to be met, and approximate budget. The client normally supplies the content (ie. the text and possibly pictures). Please let me know if you need help with this.

The proposal of work

I will write a proposal of work outlining the project. This will include estimated cost and time frame. Please feel free to ask questions at this stage. Once you have accepted the proposal, I will ask you for an initial non-refundable payment of approximately 30% of the quotation before we start the project.

Design visuals

Next thing you will get from me are visuals of some design options, normally of the home page. You can comment and suggest changes, I would expect two to three iterations of the design at this stage. Once you are happy, the approved design is signed off – ready for the next stage.

Development of the website

There will be radio silence from me while I develop the website. The period will vary depending on the complexity of the website – expect something between one to four weeks. I will need the content of the website from you at this stage.

Testing period

Once the website is ready for you to view, it is uploaded to the testing server where you can view and test the site. Minor changes can be made at this stage.

Go live!

After final approval from you, the site will be transferred to your hosting site and will go live. If your website is a WordPress one, I can give initial support and training notes to make sure that you can update the website yourself.

And don’t forget…

Your website will need some on-going care from time to time. For a small monthly fee (from £50), I can make sure that your website is always in tip-top condition under the bonnet. If you want help keeping it up-to-date content-wise then I can do that too.

Top tips

  • Prepare a clear brief that states the aim and purpose of your website.
  • Think about what kind of ‘look and feel’ you want. Friendly? Efficient? Elegant?
  • Find examples of websites you like.
  • Find also examples of competitor’s websites.
  • What about text and pictures? Normally you would supply these but I can also help.
  • Try to focus on the overall impact of the website rather than specific details such as the shade of a colour or size of a font.
  • The most successful projects tend to be those that start with a clear brief which I can take and work my magic on.